How heavy is a composite manhole cover ?

Apr 23, 2021

How heavy is a composite manhole cover ?

Composite manhole covers mold design and development

SMC composite manhole cover is made of high-quality unsaturated polyester resin and glass fiber. It is molded at one time under high temperature and high pressure through molding process.

To develop a high-quality and high-performance SMC composite manhole cover, we need to design the optimal structure of the product according to the product standard, product size, functional requirements and bearing grade. Product structure is the foundation of SMC composite manhole cover, and the excellent degree of its structure plays a decisive role in the appearance, performance, function, qualified rate and lightweight of subsequent products. The M & C technical team has rich design and development experience and professional technical ability for many years, which provides strong technical support for the structural design of customized products. It provides guarantee for realizing the goal of lightweight and high performance composite manhole cover.

Selection of composite manhole cover mold materials

After the product structure has been reviewed and confirmed, the selection of mold material is very important.

The M & C team insists on selecting high quality P20 mold steel as the main material of composite manhole covers.

Its excellent material properties make the composite manhole cover mold have better strength, smooth finish and longer service life. The mold made by M & C can be used for a long time under large press, and the service life is more than 5W mold times. M & C mold is not easy to deform in the process of use, which makes the composite manhole cover produced by M & C mold have higher precision, uniform and bright appearance texture, and reduce the situation of flash and wave fiber exposure.

M & C rich, professional design and development ability and mold manufacturing process make M & C SMC composite manhole covers more lightweight and high performance. For example, M & C EN124 Clear opening 900mm D400 double seal locking gas station manhole cover: 75kg, about 5-10kg lighter than other manhole covers in the same industry, and the performance is more superior.

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