• Fuel station HDPE Pipelines
    Fuel station underground pipeline system
    M & C brand pipework is one kind of thermoplastic composite pipeline for underground installation at petrol filling stations. It can not only solve the problems of eccentric wear and corrosion, but also prolong the service life of double-layer composite pipes in gas stations to a certain extent, and can also detect whether the pipes leak through the space between the inner pipe and outer pipe.

    The inner pipe has EVOH resin, which ensures the anti-leakage performance of the pipework and can effectively prevent the pipework from being corroded by various fuels, ethanol mixtures and additives. This feature is applicable to all fuel groups that may be encountered in the world. The inner pipe is provided with an antistatic layer to ensure the safe use.

    The inner space of the double-layer structure connects all the pipes connecting the underground oil storage tank to the dispenser. When the inner pipe leaks, the fuel will flow to the lowest point of the pipe, and the leak detection device installed here will give an alarm; Or when the outer pipe leaks, the equipment will also give an alarm. Thereby ensuring the complete prevention of groundwater and eliminating the possibility of fuel spilling into the environment.

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