Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks

Fuel Tank Sump is a kind of protective container, which is installed at the mouth of buried oil storage tank, providing a clean space for equipment, valves and joints, ensuring its internal equipment is not corroded by groundwater, and ensuring the normal operation of the oil tank and its auxiliary equipment. At the same time, ensure the fuel will not leak into the soil during equipment failure and maintenance, and protect the soil of the oil station from pollution.

When the equipment, valves and joints in the tank mouth need to be inspected, repaired and maintained, the use space of Tank Sump allows maintenance personnel to enter its interior, and can scrub and ventilate the tank mouth. Regular inspection of liquid level meter, submersible pump, oil unloading overflow valve and leak detector on Pipework System, liquid level calibration at oil measuring hole, and maintenance of joints and valves of oil transportation, oil unloading, breathing pipelines and various oil vapor recovery pipelines can be easily completed in this space.

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    Foamed Rubber
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Select High Quality Materials

Tank Sumps is made of high-strength engineering plastics /SMC composite materials, and its excellent material properties make the products available in all oil stations around the world.

Convenient to use

The large operating space of Tank Sumps makes the product more convenient to use, and personnel can easily enter its interior for installation and operation during installation and use.

Comprehensive package

A variety of inlet seals can be selected, so that the pipes entering and leaving the Tank Sumps can be sealed, preventing groundwater from entering the Tank Sumps and preventing soil pollution at the same time.


The size of Tank Sumps is based on the design specifications of oil stations, which highly meets most of the use environments. Its height can be cut arbitrarily according to requirements, the reasonable size and material make cutting more convenient.

The average thickness of Tank Sumps reaches 13mm, which ensures the strength and service life of the product.

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