• Gasoline vapor recovery hose
    Fuel station Fuel Delivery Hose

    MC series vapor hoses include ordinary fuel vapor hose and oil-gas vapor recovery hose.MC vapor hose is composed of inner rubber layer, metal braid layer and outer rubber layer. The metal braid layer of the hose makes it have excellent kink resistance, low elongation and long service life.

    MC vapor hose is suitable for gasoline and diesel oil, including oxygenated fuel and gasoline with additives. MC vapor recovery hose is a kind of oil-gas reverse coaxial hose, which is used in oil-gas recovery system. During refueling, one end is connected with oil-gas separator, and the other end is connected with recovery nozzle or breakaways.

    The middle of the hose is for gasoline vapors, and between the middle and the outer hose is for oil. When refueling, gasoline vapors are pumped into the underground oil tank .
  • gas station balance breakaways
    Fuel station balance breakaways

    Balance Breakaways, also known as safety cut-off valve, means that in case of emergency, the valve will close quickly to avoid accidents.

    According to different use positions, Balance Breakaways can be divided into Emergency Shut-off Vale & Vapor Recovery Breakaway.

  • Fuel Filter And Oil Filter
    Others Joints

    This type product include Hose Accessories、Vapor Recovery Adaptor、Vapor Recovery Sight Glass、Vapor Recovery Proportional Valve,Essential Oil Filter, etc.

    Vapor recovery proportional valve(vapor recovery separation and gas-liquid ratio adjustment combined into one)is used in conjunction with the secondary vapor recovery system to separate the vapor recovery paths and adjustment the gas-liquid ratio according to requirements.

    The vapor recovery separation joint is an oil sight glass and a visual separation joint for observing whether air is mixed in the liquid fuel.

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