Petrol Fuel Flow Meter

Meter measures the volume of liquid, gas and other media flowing through the equipment, and displays the specific values or sends them to the display equipment in the form of signals. This series of products has the characteristics of large flow, long service life, high metering accuracy and easy installation, and is widely used in various use environments.

Meters are divided into dispenser meters, Turbin Electroneic Flow Meter, Mechanical Flow Meter, Gas Roots Flow Meter, etc. This kind of design is widely used in the measurement of various fuels, urea, oil vapor, etc., providing accurate measurement data for fuel filling and on-line detection equipment.

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  • Main Material:

    Aluminum Alloy/Stainless steel/Plastic
  • Seal Material:


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Gas station vapor recovery system
Fuel station vapor recovery nozzles
MC company focuses on designing and developing all kinds of refueling Nozzles:Vapor Recovery Nozzle,Automatic Nozzle,Automatic AdBlue Nozzle,Nozzle With Mete,Manual Nozzle,etc.Meet various needs of customers. Pressure Casting technology improves the compactness of Nozzle body material, makes the appearance more beautiful and the inner wall smoother, which effectively reduces the resistance of liquid flowing in the nozzle body. 100% Factory inspection & test to ensure products quality. The main material of the sealing device used in the product is Silicone-Fluorine compound rubber, which has excellent low-temperature elasticity, high-temperature tensile retention rate and low swelling rate of hydrocarbon mixture in liquid immersion.
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MC series vapor hoses include ordinary fuel vapor hose and oil-gas vapor recovery hose.MC vapor hose is composed of inner rubber layer, metal braid layer and outer rubber layer. The metal braid layer of the hose makes it have excellent kink resistance, low elongation and long service life. MC vapor hose is suitable for gasoline and diesel oil, including oxygenated fuel and gasoline with additives. MC vapor recovery hose is a kind of oil-gas reverse coaxial hose, which is used in oil-gas recovery system. During refueling, one end is connected with oil-gas separator, and the other end is connected with recovery nozzle or breakaways. The middle of the hose is for gasoline vapors, and between the middle and the outer hose is for oil. When refueling, gasoline vapors are pumped into the underground oil tank .
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Oil vapor recovery system refers to the process of loading and unloading fuel or refueling vehicles, which collects volatile oil vapor, Through the methods of assimilation, adsorption or condensation etc, to reduces the pollution of oil vapor , or makes oil vapor change from gaseous state to liquid state and then to gasoline again, so as to achieve the purpose of recycling. When the dispenser is operated to refuel, volatile oil vapor will overflow from the automobile fuel tank, and this kind of vapor will also be produced by the fuel flow.Vacuum Fuel Pump will work at this time to extract the vapor and inject it into the pipeline which connected with the oil tank for further treatment.
gas station balance breakaways
Fuel station balance breakaways
Balance Breakaways, also known as safety cut-off valve, means that in case of emergency, the valve will close quickly to avoid accidents. According to different use positions, Balance Breakaways can be divided into Emergency Shut-off Vale & Vapor Recovery Breakaway.
Fuel Filter And Oil Filter
Others Joints
This type product include Hose Accessories、Vapor Recovery Adaptor、Vapor Recovery Sight Glass、Vapor Recovery Proportional Valve,Essential Oil Filter, etc. Vapor recovery proportional valve(vapor recovery separation and gas-liquid ratio adjustment combined into one)is used in conjunction with the secondary vapor recovery system to separate the vapor recovery paths and adjustment the gas-liquid ratio according to requirements. The vapor recovery separation joint is an oil sight glass and a visual separation joint for observing whether air is mixed in the liquid fuel.
stainless steel manhole cover
Aluminium alloy manhole cover
Aluminum alloy manhole cover for fuel tank truck d460/560/580
Gas station dispenser sump
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Dispenser Sump is a kind of protective container, which is installed under the dispenser to provide a clean space for the valves and joints at the bottom of the dispenser, to ensure that its internal equipment is not corroded by groundwater, and to ensure the normal operation of the dispenser and its auxiliary equipment. When the internal equipment, valves and joints of the dispenser need to be inspected, repaired and maintained, the use space of the Dispenser Sump allows maintenance personnel to easily operate, and can scrub and ventilate the bottom of the dispenser to avoid excessive oil vapor concentration. When the gauges, filters, emergency cut-off valve, triangular flange and high-pressure bellows above the space are regularly inspected and repaired, the fuel will not leak into the soil, thus protecting the soil of the oil station from pollution. Dispenser Sump is made of high-strength engineering plastics /SMC composite materials, and its excellent material properties make the products available in all oil stations around the world.
Heavy Load Fuel Station Cover
350mm D400 Composite Cover and Frame
Clear opening 350mm(13.8") Composite manhole cover for Petrol Stations. The covers are suitable for installation within Heavy Goods Vehicles trafficked areas such as the tanker delivery area. In China ,  PetroChina,SINOPEC and other gas station are our loyal clients for many years. In abroad,  UK, USA, Australia , Kenya , Uganda, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries are using our covers always.
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Multi Spring Mechanical Seals
We specialize in design and manufacturer the complicated and corrosive media, high temperature, high speed, high press etc mechanical seals according to clients requested. The series of high performance mechanical seals for Petroleum Equipment, such as chemical process pump, oil and gas, petrochemicals pump, mixer, agitator, compressor, etc.
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